James McKenzie
Master Blender, James McKenzie


We have been overwhelmed with the positive response to our small cask offer. So far we have sold over 20 casks to customers across New Zealand and Australia. Some owners have taken the extra step of visiting our warehouse and personally filling their 20 litre cask. In doing so have been treated to a private consultation and guided tasting with our Master Blender James McKenzie. Whisky distilling is in James’s blood, the MacKenzie family has had a very long history with whisky blending and distilling. So your whisky will be in very good hand for it’s 2 year maturation. 


On Tuesday 13 June 2017 we were proud to host our first small cask owners filling their very own 20 litre cask of uniquely New Zealand single malt new make. Nathan and Felicity came all the way from Melbourne for this historic event. They were an absolute pleasure to spend the morning with; sipping whisky, talking whisky and, of course, filling their own cask with new make spirit that in 2+ years will mature as whisky.

Filling our small cask was a once in a lifetime experience we’ll never forget. Thank you for sharing your tremendous knowledge & passion for great whisky. The entire process continues to exceed all of our expectations. We feel a special connection with the product. We look forward to every step (& sip) to come.
– Nath & Flic

James, Nathan and Felicity Cask Fill
James Mckenzie (left) stands with Nathan and Felicity
Felicity New Zealand Whisky Cask Fill
Nathan Hammering the bung
Having a dram


Chris through his association with Hapuka Lodge www.hapukulodge.com has been a loyal customer and devoted fan for many years and it is fantastic to have him on board in a personal capacity as a cask owner.
Having lost some of his personal collection of prized whisky in the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, we trust this will cask purchase will go someway toward replenishing his cellar!

I am delighted I took the time to fill the barrel and spend time talking about the process. It was just fantastic. You guys have a wonderful set up and product there. I look forward to seeing how it develops over the coming few years.
– Chris

Chris Sturgeon Cask Fill
David Hall New Zealand Whisky Cask
David Hall with James Mckenzie New Zealand Whisky Cask


Originally from Dunedin but now a resident from Canterbury (national HQ for their industrial pump business), it took little convincing for David and his wife Sharon to attend his cask filling, where we regaled stories of both Wilson’s and 45 South.
Despite all of David’s business related travel and access to endless duty free, at the conclusion of the cask filling he demonstrated his love of our older stock when he purchased a bottle of our prized 1987 single malt and a bottle of our classic 1993 Cask Strength. Apologies for the pun David, but we’re pumped to have you on board as part of our revival.


It was fantastic to have a look around and hear all about what you’re doing, and ​of course do the actual cask filling. Really impressed with everything and excited to see how things develop in the future
– Kath

Kath Murphy New Zealand Whisky Cask
Kath Murphy New Zealand Whisky Cask filling


With an email address that references an iconic Maniatoto town, it was evident from the outset that Greg has an existing association with the lower South Island and the providence of our existing aged whisky. Originally from NZ but now residing in Hobart (TAS), Greg has a serious passion for New World whisky and we are delighted to have him as part of our revival.

Greg Carson and James McKenzie New Zealand Whisky
Greg Carson hammering New Zealand Whisky Cask bung
Greg Carson New Zealand Whisky private cask


Originally from Cambridge, Donnelle has a strong connection with Aotearoa whereas Bev is a native Singaporean. In their own words they are relatively new to whisky however prior to travelling to Oamaru they did undertake the master class at Starward Distillery on the advice of our CEO – Troy Trewin.
No surprise then that with their love of wine, business interest in a North Island winery that they elected the French Oak option.

We had such a lovely time and; WOW –  the warehouse! You are absolutely living the dream, whiskey and history all in one!

Donelle and Bev New Zealand Whisky Cask Filling