In recent years, the re-emergence of New Zealand whisky on the world scene has been a key ingredient in the ongoing growth of New World Whisky.

What was once the domain of Highland Scotch distilleries and Bourbon barrels of America, the global appetite for whisky has ventured first to Irish, then Japanese, Scandinavian, Tasmanian and even Taiwanese and Indian whiskies.

From its humble base in a spectacular seaside bond store in Oamaru, The New Zealand Whisky Collection has been carefully maturing and managing the relaunch of whisky produced at the famed Willowbank distillery. Earning along the way such accolades as “Southern Hemispheres’ Best Whisky” by Jim Murray.

The Offer
The Offer

But the dream has always been re-commencing production of a new future for New Zealand’s whisky industry. We are now very proud to bring to you an opportunity to create your own whisky story with us, through the purchase of small cask aged whisky; 20 litres of delicious drams delivering you between 30 and 45 bottles of one of the world’s most sought after single malts.

The whisky will be hand-made by our talented distillers. Our production partners have designed and built their distillery with ongoing feedback from ourselves, and now they have honed their craft, and are now ready to deliver new make whisky into high-quality wood, for quiet maturation in our seaside bond store.

As part of our exciting new production capacity, we are offering small casks to our supporters; individually numbered and bottled for your own enjoyment (and to be shared with fortunate friends).

The offer enables you to be a part of the growth of this tantalising industry, and secure for yourself up to 45 personalised bottles of premium single malt, single cask whisky.


  • A personalised 20 litre cask (please contact us if you are interested in a larger size) of New Zealand single malt, single cask whisky that will mature in our bond store in Oamaru.
  • Your choice of two cask options; ex-Bourbon or ex-New Zealand red wine. Our premium casks are sourced from the best coopers in Tasmania – the epicentre of Australia’s single malt whisky scene.
  • At the end of the 2 year maturation process, we will deliver to you between 30 and 45 x 500ml bottles (after Angels’ share, and depending on the bottle strength you desire) with personalised, premium packaging (see our current bottle, label and boxes at
  • Within a month of your cask being filled, you will receive a special tasting kit which includes a 100ml sample of your new make (spirit from the still before it starts maturing in your cask), a 100ml sample of a selected 2 year old single malt whisky, and a New Zealand Whisky Collection branded Glencairn glass.
  • On the 1st anniversary, you will receive a special tasting kit with 100ml of your new make, 100ml of your (now 1 year old) single malt whisky, and a selected 2 year old single malt whisky.
  • On the 2nd anniversary you will receive a tasting kit with 100ml of your new make, 100ml of your 2 year old whisky, and a 100ml of water. Using the samples, you can now decide at what strength you would like your 2 year old whisky bottled at.
  • During the 2 year maturation process you may come to Oamaru to taste your single malt, single cask whisky any time.


The total investment is NZD$2995* (including GST, excise, bottling, presentation boxes, 3 tasting kits and freight).

Now available to Australians! AUD$3595* (including GST, excise, bottling, presentation boxes, 3 tasting kits and freight).


*Only available to customers in New Zealand and Australia. Please contact us for further information.  1.5% credit card surcharge (no AMEX).

The Offer