Can I request a different cask type?
Sorry, at the moment we are limited to just the two cask types.

Can I buy a cask larger than 20L?
Yes, please contact us if you would like a larger cask size (100L or 200L). However, be aware that the maturation may take longer. 

Do I get to keep the cask after my whisky is bottled?
If you would organise and pay for the delivery of your cask, yes you may. Otherwise we will dispose of the cask after 3 months of bottling.

When my cask is filled, can I be there?
We welcome anyone to come along and help us fill their cask, it is a great experience. To organise a time, please call us or email order@newzealandwhiskycasks.com.



What is the Angel’s Share in Oamaru?
For the smaller casks we don’t know yet how much spirit evaporates or is lost through the wood each year. Our best guess is it will be between 8 – 14% per annum for a 20 litre cask.

Why is the maturation period 2 years?
The legal requirement in New Zealand and Australia for spirit to be called whisky is a minimum 2 years maturation in a cask. FYI, the EU and UK require a minimum 3 years.

Can I request my cask be left longer than 2 years?
Yes! After the 2nd anniversary of your cask filling you will be sent a final tasting kit (100ml of your original new make and 100ml of your now 2 year old whisky). From this you can decide if your whisky needs more time in the cask. To assist you, our Master Blender will taste your cask with you – either in-person at our warehouse, or on the phone/Skype.

Will my whisky get better with more than 2 years in the cask?
We don’t know yet! We have not matured the smaller casks in our warehouse yet so don’t know how fast or slow the maturation will be. And, there are microclimates in the warehouse – hot, warm and cool spots which also affect the speed to a great quality whisky. Hence why we need the tasting kits and regular tasting and monitoring by our Master Blender. We don’t expect the whisky will need more than 3 years due to the size of the cask. And with Angel’s Share, the more years in the cask the less whisky we can bottle for you!

Can I store my cask at home and mature it there?
Unfortunately we can only release your whisky to you bottled.

Can I come and visit my cask?
Yes, any time! Please just call ahead or email order@newzealandwhiskycasks.com and let our Master Blender know


Are all the taxes included in the purchase price?
Yes, the excise and GST is included. You will get a tax invoice showing New Zealand GST on it. If you are outside New Zealand your purchase price is converted to Australian dollars and will include the relevant excise and taxes for your country so you only pay one price.

Is delivery included?
Yes, free delivery of your 30-45 bottles of whisky and the 3 tasting kits, to anywhere in New Zealand. If you are outside New Zealand, your purchase price has been adjusted to allow for the extra delivery costs of the bottles and tasting kits.

Can I pay in installments?
Unfortunately we don’t offer this option. We require full payment upfront.

Can I buy a cask with my friends or family?
Sure can. Talk with us about who is to be named on the barrel and who is paying what and we can issue invoices accordingly.

If I only want a few bottles from my barrel, will you buy the remaining bottles back?
Sorry, we cannot buy back your bottles.


What is the benefit of 20L casks?
In short – a great quality whisky, sooner. If you drink aged Scotch whisky, chances are it was matured in a 200 or even 600 litre cask. In these larger casks maturation takes a long time. With a 20 litre the surface areas of wood to whisky is much greater. More contact with the wood speeds up the process. This technique is used extensively in new world whisky – especially in Tasmania, Australia.